"In Nov. 2005, I had severe

pain all over my entire body.

Sure of a serious problem

I saw a Dr. & had several

blood tests.  I was told all

was normal.  On a

recommendation I went to

see Derek.  Without any

medication, just muscle

therapy he relieved my pain. 

Now monthly visits keep me

healthy and pain free. 

Thank you Derek."

(Name withheld, mailed from

Mid Hudson, NY)

Welcome to Great Day Massage Works in East Stroudsburg, PA!


Massage. What a difference it makes! 


Most folks think of massage as a wonderful way to relax and put the stress of the day behind them. And it is great for that.

But too many people do not know much about the
therapeutic effects of massage. So...

       If you've been told to live with the pain,

       Or pain makes it hard for you to keep working,

       You're just tired of feeling aches & pains,

       Maybe an old injury is a "thorn in your side,"

You owe it to yourself to give massage a try!


Everybody deserves a massage! 

Whether for pain relief, increased athletic performance, or stress relief, massage therapy makes a difference in people's lives. Every client is unique, and the therapists at Great Day Massage Works tailor each massage session according to the needs and preferences of the client. Stretching, deep muscle massage, and myofascial release are some of the techniques available to promote well-being.


Great Day Massage Works is located just outside of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. We offer our therapeutic massage services to clients in PA, NJ, and NY. We have even had non-vacationing clients come from Connecticut and Virginia! Some of the vacationers we have served come back year after year for their massage. Great results are happening here!

Massage Therapy isn't all we do. Integrated Neurosomatic Therapy, or INT, is our specialty. Sometimes referred to as Neuromuscular therapy, INT is practiced by fewer than 50 specialists nationwide and has remarkable results for pain relief where traditional methods fail.

Please explore our site and get acquainted with us and what Great Day Massage Works can do for you!


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